Leader-Links™ are back!

The original Leader-Links™ line-to-leader connectors are now available. These small connectors are the simple, reliable solution for conveniently connecting your fly line and leader. They are the smallest, lightest and most reliable fly-line to leader connection available.


Benefits of using Leader-Links™ include:

  • Easy to tie - smaller than nail knots or braided loop splices
  • Floats with a floating line- Sinks with a sinking line
  • Easily slips through even the smallest rod guides
  • Use fluorescent links for high visibility strike indicator
  • In-line connection maintains cast energy and accuracy




Using the Leader-Links™

  • Start by threading the fly line and leader through the holes in the link
  • Tie an overhand knot in the fly line and a clinch knot in the leader as shown
  • Make sure to pull the knots very tight
  • Clip the knot ends close
  • Push the knots into the link slot
  • Pull the lines to test





Leader-Links™ are available in three styles to suit your needs: Clear, Fluorescent, and Level-Line Links.
Each $5.00 pack contains 5 Leader-Links.™ All orders are shipped FREE via U.S. Postal Service.



Retail Stores and Distributors

Please contact Arnold Klein by email at: littledipper@higherspeed.net or phone (505) 281-7090 for wholesale pricing and free delivery terms.

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